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MUM Report for May 2013

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An Evening of Tarbell Magic


The theme for our May SAM #31  meeting was â??My favorite trick from Tarbell.â??  First, though, were introductions of two magicians, who â??had gotten away from it for awhile  and were coming backâ??--Jay Wehmeier and David Kirby.


Jim Croop, our MC for the evening, started us off with his version of â??Watch the Lemonâ??  from Tarbell #5,  magical effect by Bert Douglas which he adapted from â??Lemon Crush,â?? an early mystery of Sid Lorraineâ??s. Jim  introduced us to two homemade cardboard cylindrical covers and their contents.  The first held a champaign glass with an orange perched on top.  The second, an empty champaign glass.  With the help of Aaron Kalinowski, decked out in full teleportation regalia, the juice from the orange was mysteriously teleported to the empty glass.


Taylor Martin, observing that there is a lot of history in Tarbell and  talked of Tarbellâ??s mention of Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin.  Taylor demonstrated his miniature version of a torture device with a magical box, a beautiful lady (unfortunately represented by a small block), and a sword.The beautiful lady was symbolically skewered and then magically released unharmed. 


Jack Weigle performed his favorite card trick found in Tarbell #3, Nate Leipzigâ??â??s Double Reverse. Both Jack and his helper randomly selected a card from their half of a pack.   When the recombined pack was spread, the selected cards were found to be face up.  


Mike Root used a rope to do theâ?? Priestsâ?? Necklace.â??  He spun a tale about a monastery, priests, and a robber.  Eventually the rope ended up with evenly spaced pearls(knots).  


Tom Winterrowd then entertained us with the Tarbell Egg Bag (Volume 2) which he claimed to be 73 years old, and we believed him.  The routine had to do with a test of imagination.  First imagine the empty bag full of hay and then a hen.  As anticipated, he eventually produced the egg.  And as not anticipated, Tom mentioned that it must have been a bantam hen as he reached in and produced as second smaller egg.


Phil Dubbs, proceeding with the educational portion of the evening, taught us how to do  the the Chinese Tape Through the  Neck from page 324 of Tarbell #6.   We used ropes which he passed out.  He then patiently walked through the steps of the effect multiple times until we all got it.

Louisville Magic Festival June 14-16


Lance Burton and Matt King are helping to produce the Louisville Magic Festival June 14-16.  Matt and Lance will be co-hositng the 8 pm Saturday, June 15 show.  There will be many magicians and multiple shows over the three days.  Our own, Taylor Martin will be hosting one of the other events.

Complete  information is available on the website:


Special Events

You are invited to the combined SAM/IBM summer picnic to be held on Saturday, June 15, 2013 at Eagle Creek Park, Shelter A.  We will gather around 11:30 for lunch at noon.  Magic and socializing until 3:00 or so.  The park is located at 7840 W. 56th Street, although it is recommended that we use the 71st  Stret entrance because there is a triathlon scheduled in the park in the AM.  There is a $5 per car entrance fee.

The clubs will provide the chicken, hot dogs and sides.  If anyone cares to bring a dish to share,that would be great.  Also feel free to bring some magic to sell at our informal Flea Market.

Please RSVP to Mike Kohrmann at 317-979-5218 so we know how much food to bring.  Family and guests are welcome.