INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA [Assembly Report for March 2005]
Harry Riser Assembly No. 31
President: Ken Kern
Secretary: Paul Harnishfeger
Meets the first Monday, 7 PM at Mystic Tai Lodge, SE corner of Illinois & North St.

We would like to congratulate Harry Riser for the honor bestowed upon him and Johnny Thompson by 31 Faces North for 2004. In September Assembly 31 hosted Carl Andrews for an installation banquet and show. Pres., Ken Kern; Vice Pres. Harry Riser; Treas. Dee Saul; Sec. Paul Harnishfeger; Sgt. at Arms, Bill Branson Jr., and Scribe, Robert Vasileff were installed. Thanks to Cheryl Kern for the banquet. Carl and Joanie Andrews entertained for about 40 minutes with effects that included a comedy Restored Newspaper, Cards Across, Cut and Restored rope, comedy Egg Bag, a Second Sight presentation, Bill in Orange, Watch Steal, Rocky Raccoon and Vanishing Bandana (Banana).

At our October meeting, Bob Vasileff began with a Harry Riser trick called Ace/Queen Switcheroo. Dee Saul followed with Too Many Ace of Hearts. Ryan Siebert continued with coin manipulations and Ne Plus Ultra where all nine present each selected a card that was magically found. John West was next with Poor Manâ??s Stull Watch, where the location of the card was found with a watch whose dial was randomly rotated and continued with a red card packet and a QS that reappeared even though it was removed. John concluded with a Marked Deck trick. Chris Henderson followed with a series of spirit cabinet effects accomplished in a box that included, Tele Kinetic Timber, an empty glass in the box is found to contain a ball when the lid is opened, and a photo taken of Ryan Siebert shows Harry Houdini standing beside him. Paul Harnishfeger did a trick where the selected card is produced by two indifferent cards being pushed through the deck. Jerry Cassel showed an Anverdi box and hand that closed when the selected card was placed into the box, a trick where a gun is fired and the selected card is found with a bullet hole, and finished with a selected card that was found by a pecking mechanical bird. Ken Kern followed by finding a five dollar bill, which had disappeared, in a real egg. Harry Riser came forward to do a lighted cigarette vanish and color changing knives. Harry continued with his Ball, Cone, and Box Routine and Close-up Billiard Ball Routine described in, â??The Feints and Temps of Harry Riserâ??. Jerry Cassel reprised with Light and Heavy Chest and Ken Kern reprised with Profâ??s Nightmare that ended with one long rope.

Bob Vasileff, Scribe