Greetings to all Magicians and magic aficionados,

S.A.M. Assembly 31 and I.B.M. Ring 10 is pleased to announce an exciting new opportunity.  We are launching Indy Magic Lectures.  I’d like to take this opportunity to answer a few questions that you may have about Indy Magic Lectures.

What is Indy Magic Lectures?
  It is  a new organization dedicated to bringing the best in magic lectures to Central Indiana.  Assembly31 and Ring 10 will no longer book magic lectures.  Indy Magic Lectures (“IML”) will do  the booking for all future lectures beginning in August 2008. 

What is the cost of joining IML and what are the requirements to join?
  Any person 18 years of age or older and who pays the membership dues of $70.00 per year may become a full member of IML.  Associate memberships are available to all spouses of IML members, anyone under the age of 18 and to the parent of any IML associate member who pays annual dues of $30.00 per year.

Why should I join IML?  All IML members and associate members are guaranteed admission to at least 6 magic lectures each year at no additional charge!  In the past, 6 lectures would have cost you $90 if you were an IBM, SAM or FCM member.  This new flat rate “subscription series” structure will save you at least $20 per year.  That’s six lectures for less than the price of five lectures.  Additionally, beginning in August, the cost for attending the lecture if you are not a member of IML will increase to $25 per lecture (the price structure for spouses and children will remain the same for 2008-2009 as it is).  IML is an extremely economical way to see/learn quality magic.

Is there any benefit for joining IML early?  Definitely!  As an added bonus for joining IML by May 7, 2008 you will receive the following:

  1. Free admission to the Bob Sheets lecture on May 7, 2008 to be held at Wile Hall; and,
  2. A Certificate of Charter membership suitable for framing.

Anyone not joining IML by prior to the lecture on May 7 will pay the normal admission charge to hear, to learn and to be entertained Bob Sheets, named the “Best Lecturer of the Year” at the world famous Magic Castle in 2005.  Just think of it: Seven lectures for less than the price of Five!  You can’t beat it!!

Will this eliminate our local SAM and IBM and FCM groups?  No.  We want to keep strong, vibrant magic clubs.  For that reason, although it is not required that you belong to the local club to be a member of IML we have decided that if you live within Central Indiana (Marion, Morgan, Shelby, Hancock, Hamilton, Boone, Johnson, and Hendricks counties) that all IML members who do not belong to the local Assembly, Ring or FCM will be required to pay an additional $25.00 annual maintenance fee.  This is to encourage everyone to continue to join the local magic clubs (who still must pay for meeting space, etc.).  The clubs will continue to meet monthly and do all of the fun things that we presently do.

How do I join Indy Magic Lectures?  Send a check or pay cash to Assembly 31's treasurer, Joe Scott at 15160 Cherry Tree Rd., Noblesville, IN or bring payment to the Bob Sheets’ lecture on May 7.  Please make the checks payable to SAM 31 and write IML on the Memo line.

What if we don’t get enough interest in IML to make it viable?  If we do not obtain at least 30 members signed up by August 1 we will refund everyone’s money and Assembly 31 and Ring 10 will revert to the former method of booking lectures.  However we have no doubt that IML is a superior way of offering lectures and that we will get more than 30 charter members.

What if I have more questions?  Contact either Steve Spence, Jim Croop or Mike Engle