The Harry Riser SAM #31 July 2011 Meeting Report The theme was manipulation. The conversation was fascinating. Exactly what is manipulation, since all magic is manipulating something? To be successful with manipulation, a lot of work is required. Is the pay-off worth it? But first the newly elected officers for the 2011-2012 year were formally introduced and inducted. Three officers were reelected for another term--Steve Spence, president, Karen Miller, secretary, and Jay Newby, treasurer. Elected to new positions included Don Miller, 1st vice president, Taylor Martin, 2nd vice president, and Dale Benson, scribe. What followed was some outstanding magic, some responding to the manipulation theme, others on the "just for fun" theme.   KIcking it off was Master of Ceremonies Jim Croop entertaining us with the Elbow, Neck and Knee by Daryl.  Three coins magically transported from Jim's fist, one each to his elbow, knee and neck. Jack Weigle then did Jay Sankey's Practice Deck, where cards are kept secure on a shoestring.  Two selected cards were added back into the pack. With a quick tug, the only cards left on the shoestring where the two selected cards.  And the holes in all of the other cards had disappeared!   Taylor Martin did some beautiful manipulations--first with sponges--the ball became a square which became a "doggie." He then moved from sponges to Vernet's balls--three silver and one green. Finally he shared a version of the universal pop up move. This one with Dan Garret's carrots. Barry Rice told us of his most recent trip to Home Depot during which he purchased three nuts and then proceeded to do "All Screwed Up" from Doc Eason's Bar Magic video series. He persisted in tossing two into his left hand and putting one in his pocket. All three inevitably ended up in the left hand, one of them becoming a carriage bolt. He also asked for feedback on his new gambling routine. He got it. Daniel Lee did Andrew Main's Ghost Bill and Marcus Eddy's rubber bands stairway. It was amazing to watch that bill walk up the steps. Steve Spence did a very fun version of what he called the Cup of Deception. Was that die in the cup, in the hand or in the pocket? It was never where we expected and the finale was a huge surprise. JIm Croop, our master of ceremonies, once again took the spotlight and set up a poker game with five players and five cards each. There is not enough space to describe what happened, but as you might expect, he was able to mentally discern a randomly selected card from each of the other four players. And finally, Mike Kohrman did a very smooth game of deuces with his Restless Colors. The cards turned all kinds of colors and all he had to do was to "rub it" and "shake it." Both the Indianapolis magic clubs, SAM #31 and IBM #10, have decided to try meeting together. This was the first fully combined meeting. It was a rousing success. On August 1 SAM #31 will meet at Wile Hall on the Methodist Hospital campus at 7:00 pm. On September 12 we will be meeting at the Forum at the Crossing at the same time. Contact president Steve Spence for details,