A Trip Up the Royal Road


The evening began with the installation of newly elected officers for the 2013/2014 year.   Incoming President, Taylor Martin, announced that this will be his second tour of duty as President of SAM #31.  His first was in the â??87/â??88 year, 23 years ago!  Rounding out the officer corps for this year are Don Miller, 1st Vice President, Aaron Kalinowski, 2nd Vice President, Dale Benson, Secretary, Jay Newby, Treasurer, and Tom Winterrowd, Sargent at Arms.  Joseph Fuller led the ceremony.


The focus of the magic was Jean Hugard and Frederick Braueâ??s  The Royal Road to Card Magic.  Several members performed card tricks from the book and then Don Miller led us all on a Royal Road teach in.


Daniel Lee, not being able to decide which trick to perform, did three--Design for Laughter, Do As I Do, and Three Cards Across.  Tom Winterrowd preceeded his card effect by surprising Phil Dubbs with his own â??American Express Credit Card.â??  After doing a mental credit check,  the card was mysteriously found to have Philâ??s name on it...an immediate approval!


Taylor Martin then performed his own variation on McDonaldâ??s Aces using an â??Ask Alexanderâ?? deck from Conjuring Arts.  While telling us stories about Alexander, the four aces each appeared.  Taylor made a point of reminding us that he was using a move which he learned from our namesake, Harry Riser.


The final card trick of the evening was performed by Rocky Raccoon and his trainer, Mike Kohrman.  Rocky astounded Karen Miller by finding in the fanned deck the card she had previously randomly selected.


The performances were then followed by an excellent Royal Road teaching session led by Don Miller.  Warning us that it would be ambitious, he proceeded to demonstrate techniques taught in the book including ideas for how to use the overhand shuffle, key cards and various lifts.