Our first annual SAM 31 magic competition took place on Monday, May2nd. First Place receives $100, a framed certificate, and an invitation to perform at the 8/2 Indy Magic Monthly. Second Place receives $50 and a certificate. There will be a Peoples Choice voted by the audience, and all participants will received a certificate. The first contestant was Daniel Lee, with his wife Heather accompanying him on the piano. His silent routine included finding the aces in a full deck, transporting coins invisibly, and torn and restored sheet music, much to his wife's chagrin. He ended by changing a multi-color scarf to a black one to compliment her outfit. Next up was Corbett Troyer who magically moved 4 coins out of a coin box, and then sent them back in again. He also found the aces placed throughout a deck, then transported them from 4 different packets back together again. Excellent coin and card work! Don Miller shared his comedy magic, and ways to make a visit to the dentist more exciting. Then he brought Rob and Barb up, having Rob attempt to transmit his chosen card to the audience. He resorted to his Telopothy kit for items to assist Rob, to no avail, then he had Barb attempt it too, letting her borrow a wand and magic cloth. After checking out how good they looked, they got the image of the seven of Diamonds across, along with lots of laughs. Chris Henderson shared the story of his Grandparents love through many anniversary celebrations, and how Grandpa would dress up with a starched collar and bow tie. He showed an array of colored ties, and had young Dr. Lemon help with a color wheel for the selection of tie, now that Grandma had passed. The red was noted on the wheel, and the red tie was then missing from the box. It was found attached to the starched collar! The next contestant was Barry Rice, who enjoyed being able to say 'don't try this at home!' He proceeded to show 10 razor blades, proving their sharpness with paper and apple, and then swallowing them, one at a time. After swallowing a length of dental floss, he extracted the floss with all ten razor blades dangling from it! Jim Croop shared how advertising and magic are similar with his 'Magic of Influence.' He influenced the audience to select a card from a blank deck, and it was the only printed card in it. Then he had Steve select a oversized card, then, before he looked at it, select a card from a regular deck and the cards matched. Dr. Lemon and Shawn Hull (son and father) closed out the competition with some juggling, some lie detector work, and a card prediction for Jay. Then Dr. Lemon made a lemon and a bottle of lemonade change positions! The judges, Shawn Anthony of Las Vegas; Christopher Bontjes, National 1st Vice President of SAM ; Taylor Martin and Sean Scott, both from Indianapolis; retired to tabulate their scores, and the audience submitted their selections for the People's Choice. The results were: People's Choice to Daniel and Heather Lee, First Place to Barry Rice, and Second Place to Corbett Troyer.