INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA [Assembly Report for June 2006]
Harry Riser Assembly No. 31
President: Steven A. Spence
Secretary: Mike Engle
Meets the first Monday, 7 PM at Mystic Tai Lodge, SE corner of Illinois & North St.

New Officers Elected รข?? Exciting Magic Auction

Assembly 31 elected new officers for the 2006-7 periods. Elected by acclamation were the following: Steven A. Spence President, Harry Riser Vice President, Mike Engle Secretary, Dee Saul Treasurer, and Don Miller Sergeant at Arms. We wish to thank the outgoing officers, President Ken Kern, V. Pres. Harry Riser, Treasurer Dee Saul, Secretary Paul Harnishfeger, Sgt. at Arms Bill Branson Jr., and Scribe Robert Vasileff for their commitment and excellent work.

We also wish to thank Ted Baer, Frank Dailey, Dave Oesterreich, and Karl Wagner for bringing magic to the auction. We especially thank Mr. Oesterreich, as his magic was donated to the Assembly for the auction. The following served to make the auction run smoothly; Ken Kern auctioneer, Dee Saul cashier, Cheryl Kern auction secretary, and Bob Vasileff for handling the items in the pit.

Bob Vasileff, Scribe