Action Packed Meetings

Because the Assembly scribe was dilatory in his duties (mea culpa) and didn’t make the deadline for last month’s report this will be a combined report for the September and October meetings. Assembly 31 is quite proud of the fact that a large percentage of its attending members perform every meeting. As a consequence it would be impossible to detail all of the performances of our members during these past two months so I’ll just present some of the highlights.

The September’s meeting theme was Jay Sankey magic in honor of Mr. Sankey who presented an outstanding lecture at our Assembly only two weeks later. We started the meeting off on a high note by welcoming our newest S.A.M. member, Mike Root, into our midst. Accordingly, it was quite appropriate that Mike led off the presentations for the evening by performing “Holey, Moley.” Also performing Sankey effects in September were Daniel Lee (“In a Flash”), Taylor Martin (“The Almost Human Cannonball”), Jim Croop ( “Back in Time,” “Cardboard Contortionist,” and “Meltdown”), Brendon Ware (demonstrated how to make magic markers disappear) and Don Miller (an unnamed Sankey mentalism effect using paper and scissors). Last up for the evening was our honored guest PNP Mark Weidhaas who was in Indianapolis with PNP Mike Miller laying the groundwork for the amazing 2016 National Conference (if you haven’t registered yet, why not? It’s going to be huge!!!). He performed one of his own creations, a money routine called “Parlor Polaroid Money” for the enjoyment of the gathering.

The Sankey lecture in late September was informative, extremely entertaining and one of the best-attended lectures we have had in a long time. Compeers traveled from throughout the region to experience his magic. Book him in your Assembly if you get the opportunity.

October’s theme was mentalism in honor of Halloween. Taylor Martin started us off with his Mikome vision box. Following Taylor’s presentation Assembly President Don Miller provided some extra insights into the effect that he learned from noted card man, Ed Marlo’s notes. This is another example of the value of the S.A.M. and the local Assembly. The give and take and sharing among our members strengthens all of our magical presentations. The rest of the evening was spent discussing The Feast of the Harvest Moon and The Magic Mini-Summit.

A good time was had by all.