INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA [Assembly Report for August, September, October 2005]
Harry Riser Assembly No. 31
President: Ken Kern
Secretary: Paul Harnishfeger
Meets the first Monday, 7 PM at Mystic Tai Lodge, SE corner of Illinois & North St.

This report covers the months of August, September and October. John Carney was hosted during the month of August. There was an excellent turn out and Mr. Carney exceeded everyoneâ??s expectations.

Your Favorite Silk Magic was the September theme. Harry Riser presented a mini lecture that included the chop cup, silks, cards and coins. Harry began with different methods to use the chop cup; one was with a silk and continued by showing the Bob Stencel method of loading a chop cup. He continued with the Close Up Billiard Ball Routine. Next, Harry performed Ball to Silk using a Floyd Thayer Morrison Pill Box. Harry then used a small but beautiful P & L Drum Tube from which silks were produced. Mr. Riser then transitioned to a card trick. Phil Dubbs touched a card and when the Drum Tube was opened, a silk of the selected card appeared. Harry discussed the Charlie Miller force. Some details of tonightâ??s performance can be found in â??The Feints and Temps of Harry Riser.â?? Harry concluded by causing the card silk to vanish. Harry then discussed the device used to vanish the silk, the general use of Drum Tubes, and the Bosco palm.

Taylor Martin came well prepared with an assortment of chop cups he has used with his character portrayals. Taylor showed the following types of chop cups; a standard cup, leather cup, coconut cup, and leather conical period cup. All are completely functional and are used when appropriate in Taylorâ??s performances.

Ryan Siebert presented an excellent lecture for October titled â??The Ins and Outs of Walk Around Magic.â?? Ryan opened with sponge balls and continued with an old favorite using three and a half of hearts, assisted by Phil Dubbs and Taylor Martin. Ryan then performed Fechterâ??s Two Card Trick assisted by Phil Dubbs. Ten spectators were used for a Multiple Card Location trick whose motif is similar to an oldie called Ne Plus Ultra. Ryan continued with a coin trick where three coins appear in turn and then disappear. Siebert concluded with two of his own tricks, starting with Easily Triumphed. The card selected by Dee Saul magically appears face down in a face up pack. In the trick called The Eraser, Sunny Johnson selected and signed a card. The back of the selected card is erased as does all of the backs and the selected card is magically produced.

Bob Vasileff, Scribe