This was the month for silks. We enjoyed some well performed silk magic and much interesting discussion regarding the pros and cons of using silks. First, Barry Rice did a very nice version of the first magic trick he remembers seeing. He was eight years old at the time. Two silks--one blue and one yellow--much to his surprise continually changed colors and never seemed to be the color he anticipated. We became even more perplexed when he "demonstrated" how it was done. Taylor Martin then accompanied his cleverly performed silk mystery with a mini lecture on silk magic, showing us how to do dissolving knots, solid through solid using silks, the knot around the wrist, and other possible effects with silks. The group discussion centered around the question of why is silk magic not used more often in the everyday general repertoire. For every downside for using silks, another member mentioned an upside. The general consensus was that in spite of problems with wrinkling and time for set up, etc., silk magic well done can add a great deal to the ambience of a show. To wrap up the evening, MUM columnist Christian Painter and his wife, Katalina, each entertained us with marvelously performed versions of fun effects. Christian shared with us the story of the Borga family in Italy, members of royalty, who enjoyed the entertainment of poisoning the common folk. Three audience members tried to stump him, but Christian always knew which of five possible foods contained the poison. Katalina did a very creative rendition of what the rest of us call "Will the Cards Match?" The cards were unique, her version was unique, and, yes, the cards matched.