Coin Magic in Indy

The puns were flying fast and furiously on a cold winter night in Indianapolis as we celebrated coin magic. Everyone knew how to coin a phase as groans and laughter filled the air. Don Miller started off the night with the help of our youngest guest of the night, ten-year old Marilyn. Don showed Marilyn two coins with holes in the middle. He explained that it was his “whole collection” as the hole in Marilyn’s hand mysteriously reappeared in Don’s. Dr. Jim Croop next entertained us with “Rising Dough” where an English Penny melted up to the top through a stack of half dollars. Berry Rice impressed us with his version of shadow coins. He not only did it the traditional way but, for good measure, he finished his presentation by doing it with only one hand. Your humble substitute scribe shared a brief “book report” on the new Neil Patrick Harris autobiography. I gave a glowing review of this humorous, magical and often poignant “choose your own path” autobiography and I encouraged everyone to go out and get their very own copy. I finished off my presentation with my version of Chris Smith’s key through dollar bill, “Ignition.” Chris Henderson shared a wonderful version of Richard Osterlind’s signed coin to bottle. Assembly President Taylor Martin peaked our interest with a brief history on the origin of monetary terms such as two bits, four bits, and so on, utilizing an old P & L rattle box. He followed that with a Paul Harris effect using four coins and a card and concluded with an Okito box and his “patented” “Taylor Martin drop”. The evening was topped off by Marilyn’s rendition of needle through balloon.

A good time was had by all.