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MUM Report for January 2013

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Here is the report of our January 7, 2013 meeting submitted to MUM Magazine.



January was a magical month in Indianapolis.  In addition to our monthly SAM #31 meeting, our annual SAM/IBM winter show, free and open to the public, featured Patrick Smith and Craig Stone and was produced and MC'd by our very own, The Amazing Barry (Rice).  Adding to the month of magic the 2013 Third Annual Winter Magic Festival took place the weekend of January 18-20. It was presented by the IndyFringe in association with IndyMagic Monthly. Five separate shows were repeated throughout the weekend. And, of course, every first Tuesday features an IndyMagic Monthly performance at the Theatre on the Square.  Indianapolis is fast becoming a 'happening' town for magic and for magicians.


We had a really good turnout, considering it was the flu season, for our 'Out of the Box' SAM #31 Club meeting.  We began the evening by auctioning off a beautiful close up pad, created, custom built by Jay Newby and donated by Ed Filby.  The close up pad  generated $50 for our club treasury.  Also included in the auction were a couple of chardonnay wine bottles with magical labels donated by Tom Winterrowd.  Unfortunately the bottles were empty!


Taylor Martin earned the distinction of being our first performer of 2013 doing his 1,2,3,4 coins and a card.  We witnessed his original and very effective 'Taylor Twist.'    Taylor also shared with us another of his original adaptations--the shrinking card box.  It was definitely 'out of the box' magic.  Tom Winterrowd did his version of Gene Kenney's Three  Card Assembly.  President Steve Spence did a very nice coin routine where the coins diminished in size and then reappeared through the air.  The coins were 'out of a red box.'


Jay Newby was our professor for our monthly teaching session. This month he selected  two effects from JB Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic.  First, from chapter 10,  Jay shared a very  carefully orchestrated description of the secret turnover moves for the Okito Coin Box.  Jay even provided a complimentary Okito box for the SAM members who were present.  The original coin boxes sold for 50 cents each in 1911!  Jay then turned to chapter 12 of Bobo's and taught us the Milton Kort's routine of coins through the table, using four coins and an expanded shell.

Magic Winter Spectacular Coming Soon

Special Events




Come one.  Come all to the 2013 S.A.M./I.B.M. Magic Winter Spectacular.  

When: Sunday, January  27 with lunch beginning at 11:30 a.m. and the magic show beginning at 2:00 p.m.

Where:  The lunch will be held at the MCL Cafeteria located at 1390 Keystone Way, East Dr., Carmel, IN.  Purchase your own food.  We have a private room reserved for fun and fellowship with your fellow magicians.  The show will be presented just a short drive up the road at the Carmel Community Playhouse  at Clay Terrace(the same location as the past two years), 14299 Clay Terrace Boulevard, Carmel.

The Talent: Craig Stone and Pat Smith will be our featured magicians with Barry Rice once again doing the Emceeing honors.  There will also be a special mystery variety entertainer.  You donâ??t want to miss amazing show filled with comedy and mystery.

Who is Welcome:  Everyone!  This is a public show so bring your family, your friends and your neighbors.  We get a chance to show off the great things that are going on in the Indianapolis magic community.  

Cost:  There is none.  This wonderful show is free.  There will also be a drawing for some great magical gifts.  Everyone will be given the opportunity make a donation to the club to help defray our costs but donations are strictly voluntary.  

Join me,  all of the S.A.M. Harry Riser Assembly #31 officers and the I.B.M. officers for a great day of good food and great magic.  Weâ??ll see you then.


Steven A. Spence

President of the S.A.M. Harry Riser Assembly #31