Since March historically has been a month of treachery and deceit, at least in the days of Julius Caesar, our theme for the month was Treachery and Deception.  Before the evening was over we experienced both.

Our master of ceremonies and SAM #31 President, Steve Spence, kicked off the evening with a very nice rendition of Axel Heckler's Just a Cup.  Wearing his red hat and using a single cup and die plus a red draw string bag, Steve introduced his effect as the Cup of Deception. His volunteer helper, Jay Newby, was never able to tell whether the die was under the cup, in the hand, or in the pocket.

Don Miller then proceeded to create a fan of cards on his hand.  The fan then defied gravity by not tumbling to the floor when his supporting hand was removed.  He admitted that his trick, although deceptive, was not particularly treacherous, unless one considers the possibility of a paper cut from the cards.

Jim Croop invited President Spence to a chair up front and proceeded to terrify him and delight the rest of us with Stefan Olschewski's EGGstremely Dangerous.   Much to Steve's relief, and our disappointment, each of the cups poured over his head contained  only air and none the raw egg  The raw egg was eventually found in a cup previously set aside in a paper bag.


Taylor Martin then reminded us of Jay Marshall's observation,  "Old age and treachery will beat youth and talent every time."  He then proceeded to prove his point by performing the evening's most treacherous effect, the Dante built version of the Sword Through the Neck.  Taylor introduced  his Italian steel sword and the Collar of Torquemade, the leader of the Spanish Inquisition.  His victim, Aaron Kalinowski, was extremely cooperative considering what was happening at the back of his neck.  He was also extremely relieved when the deception reached its conclusion and his neck was still intact.

Following the treachery and deception performances the group engaged in a very interesting discussion of the role and appeal of danger in magic.