INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA [Assembly Report for March 2005]
Harry Riser Assembly No. 31
President: Ken Kern
Secretary: Paul Harnishfeger
Meets the first Monday, 7 PM at Mystic Tai Lodge, SE corner of Illinois & North St.

Ken Kern called our January meeting to order. Guests Joe Fuller, Jeff Harmon, and Ron Trippel, President of I.B.M. Gene Keeney Ring 10, were introduced. Mr. Trippel shared Ring 10 plans to celebrate their 60th anniversary.

The theme for this meeting is Magic Expectations for 2005. A round table discussion followed with the following participants; Phil Dubbs, Joe Fuller, Jeff Harmon, Paul Harnishfeger, Chris Henderson, Ken Kern, Dee Saul, Steve Spence, Ron Trippel, and Bob Vasileff. The following is a summary of points discussed: putting a show together - reduce unused magic â?? inventory magic - focus on shows - group inventoried magic by category - continue to over come performance fears - look for mentoring opportunities - improve performance skills - improve movement from one effect to another - look for better ways to present an effect - improve concealing skills learned as a magician - learn Cups & Balls - become proficient with a Card Assembly effect - find better places to buy magic - be more selective in purchases - develop better patter to accompany an effect - explore the value of silent versus talking shows.

Chris Henderson started the evening of magic with his working of Darrylâ??s Cap in Bottle. He continued with Oesterlandâ??s Mind Mysteries, by borrowing a marked quarter from Bob Vasileff. Bob then selected any one of six bottles. The marked quarter magically penetrates the bottle. Steve Spence came forward with an Aldo Columbini rope and ring and presented a routine similar to Columbiniâ??s. He shared a partially written poem being considered for use with this effect. It was suggested he could finish the poem, consider comedy, or do a silent presentation to music. Paul Harnishfeger was next with an effect based on Eugene Burgerâ??s Voodoo Prediction using game pieces and cards from the game called Clue. He was assisted by Dee Saul and Joe Fuller. Dee Saul continued with his simplified handling of Derek Dingleâ??s Mental Triumph, no crimp, assisted by Ken Kern and Joe Fuller using methodology of the Penelope principle. Ken Kern concluded with X-Ray Deck where Joe Fuller, using an invisible magic marker, places an X on a card. Fuller names a card and Ken Kern removes the named card to show it is marked with an X.

Bob Vasileff, Scribe