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Sad News - Aldo Colombini

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Maria Ibanez shared the following sad news with S.A.M. members from Rachel Colombini through Simone Marron.

"Terrible news. Aldo suffered a catastrophic stroke yesterday. Left side of brain dead spreading fast to the right side, paralyzed, no speech, hospice taking over now.  It will be just days, nothing we can do.  Sorry to have to give you this news."

As Maria said, please keep our dear friends Aldo and Rachel in your thoughts and prayers.

SAM/IBM Magic Winter Spectacular

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DonĂ¢??t forget that our annual SAM/IBM Magic Winter Spectacular will take place on Sunday, February 9.

The location and time are the same as last year. The show will start at 2pm at the Carmel Playhouse at Clay Terrace.

The show is being produced by Barry Rice and includes featured performers Ryan Siebert and Jamahl Keys.

All invited. Bring your family and friends!

The traditional pre-show luncheon will be at the MCL Restaurant and Bakery (1390 Keystone Way, East Drive, Carmel) from 12:00 until 2:00.

It is about a 10 minute drive to the theater.

See attached maps for directions.

Our regular first Monday combined SAM/IBM meeting at the Irvington United Methodist Church will not be held. Plan instead to come to our holiday magic show on Sunday the 9th.