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Possible Nathan Kranzo Lecture

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Nathan Kranzo has just notified us that he could do a workshop next week in Indianapolis on either Monday March 24 of Wednesday March 26.

The cost is $45 but here is what you get.

$45.00 includes:

  • Old School Kranzo Lecture DVD
  • Grumble Glim DVD with glim and gimmick

Bonus download bundle

  • Royal Oak Lecture notes
  • Comedy for Magicians and Mentalists - Volumes 1 and 2
  • Rice Crispy Coin (change a dollar into four quarters and back)
  • Bill Plots (bill switch booklet)
  • Age of Travel (solutions to Dai Vernon's Travelers plot with cards and then borrowed objects and food)

Over $200 worth of magic!

Please email Jim Croop by Friday (tomorrow) if you would attend the workshop and which days you would be available. Probably start at 7pm.

We know this is very short notice. If there are 5 who are interested I will confirm and get more details including location.

Jim Croop

MUM Report for March 2014

MUM Reports - Past

Beware the Ides of March! Also beware magicians tasked with presenting “Dangerous Magic” (this month’s theme). After a brief business meeting during which we approved the upcoming May 17, 2014 lecture by Joshua Jay and also once again nominated Steve Spence for Central Plains RVP, things got seriously dangerous.

President Taylor Martin presented “Truth”, an effect designed to discourage bullying in which the “bully” is required to promise that they will never bully another person in the future. The punishment for lying is being cut in half by a rope. Fortunately, the “bully” passed the test. Next up, Tom Winterrowd presented the mystery of a tube in which he placed a golden wooden cube. The tube was bisected with a dagger and yet the golden cube passed straight through the dagger, undamaged. Daniel Lee shared that he became fascinated with dangerous magic after watching Barry Rice perform his razor swallowing act at last year’s Winter Spectacle. Daniel’s mother made him promise right then and there that he wouldn’t swallow razors. Instead, Daniel dazzled us with his gut wrenching needle swallowing routine, ably assisted by compeer Jim Croop who verified that Daniel had truly swallowed the 20 or so needles before they reappeared from his mouth, threaded upon black thread. Jay Newby continued the theme using a switchblade, a brown paper bag and a deck of cards. After brazenly announcing what his real name was (for security reasons I won’t list it here) prior to entering the local witness protection program, he proceeded to find a chosen card by blindly sticking the knife through it. Don Miller, ever the professional, called Jay (if that is his name) back in front of the room to try out his rope through neck routine that he swore he’d only just learned that day. Fortunately for Jay, Don is a quick learner and no blood was spilt. Finally, although diverging from the theme, Doug Jave, after swearing us all to secrecy, demonstrated and explained his unique and original method of producing a sponge ball from the flame. What made it unique was that after the production the audience visibly sees smoke emanating from inside the sponge ball. Additionally, he demonstrated how he could do a double production using the same principle.

Thankfully, considering the theme of the night, all compeers left the building unscathed and unscarred!

President's Letter

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President's Letter

Compeers and friends:
Welcome to the magic city of Indianapolis. If you're a fan of magic or practice the world's oldest performance art yourself, I hope there's something here to make you want to come to an S.A.M. #31 meeting. The Indianapolis magic clubs, which includes Ring #10 of the I.B.M., meet together every first Monday @ 7:00 pm at the United Methodist Church at 30 N. Audubon Ave. in Irvington. The church is right behind Jockamo's Pizza on Washington St./U.S. 40. Please enter through the east side doors, go up the stairs, turn left at the top, and we are usually in the first meeting room on the right. 
As the President of #31, I bring not only a love of magic to the position, but as a professional performer and producer of magic shows, I hope to make the meetings a fun time to learn and share magic and illusion. My personal passion is magic history, so I always try to add a bit of our art's past to my presentations. Also, with our magic shows here in Indy, that include Christian and Katalina's "Mindtripping" weekends at the Hilton Downtown and my own Indy Magic Monthly, allow the public to see shows weekly. 
The theme of our March 3, 2014 meeting is Dangerous Tricks ("Et tu, Brute!")   The theme for our April 7 meeting is Money Magic. These could be interesting. Hope to see you on the first  Monday evening of each month.
Taylor Martin, President Assembly #31, S.A.M.