Assembly #31 Encounters The Matrix

Indianapolis, Indiana



Continuing the theme of the Classics in Magic, the Harry Riser Assembly #31 spent the evening disassembling and then reassembling the Matrix.  The host for the evening was club president, Steve Spence.  Steve provided a very interesting brief history of the Matrix.  We heard illustrations from J.B. Boboâ??s The New Modern Coin Magic. We heard about the Sympathetic Coin, and, of course, the story of Al Schneider, who â??tried to figure out a better wayâ?? and started working on his â??coins and cardsâ?? routine while sitting on his bed at age 17.  Eventually this physics major coined the term, Matrix, and published his â??better wayâ?? in Genii Magazine in 1970.


We enjoyed three very excellent and very informative demonstrations of individual variations of the Matrix by three of our members.  Each demonstration was followed by enlightening group discussion.


President Steve Spence demonstrated the usefulness of great patter with the Matrix.  He did two versions.  The first tale responded to the question, â??What if a magician had created the universe?â??  The four planets and the clouds mysteriously disappeared and reappeared.  The second was a little known tale of the four mischievous Kennedy brothers. 


Treasurer Jay Newby then provided a wonderful educational session discussing how magicians like to use their creativity to enhance basic effects.  After showing us a number of examples as they related to the Matrix, Jay concluded that from the standpoint of the audience, the basic is just fine.  The enhanced effect is more important to the magician than it is to the audience.


Another highlight of the evening was Chris Hendersonâ??s Black Hole Matrix.  The cards were the black holesâ??and they looked like it.  The Kennedy half dollars were the astronauts.  Black holes have never been so astounding!


On a different, but equally important subject, the evening began with Tom Winterrowd presenting the â??Second Mysteryâ??â??the symbolic meaning of our Emblem or Jewel, which we call THE AMULET.  The Assembly appreciates Tomâ??s efforts to keep us connected with our roots.



Submitted by: Dale Benson, Secretary

March 2009


Harry E. Riser Assembly No. 31, usually meets the first Monday of the month at 7 pm at Mystic Tie Lodge (2nd floor), corner of Illinois and North Street, Indianapolis.