It Was All About the Money in Indianapolis

Our theme was "Money Magic" and it turned out that the magic for the evening was right on the money!  But first we discussed our plan for inviting all clubs within a reasonable distance of Indianapolis to join us at our annual Magic Picnic on June 22. It is always a great event with food and magic in a beautiful outdoor setting at one of the largest city parks in the country. Feel free to check our website for details.

Our second "on the money" event was the formal initiation ritual of new member, Doug Jave. We all know Doug as a superb magician and he proved it to us with some astounding money magic later in the evening. We are proud to welcome Doug into our Assembly #31.

And then it was time to move on to  multiple miraculous effects with coins and bills. Daniel Lee showed us his take on the Extreme Burn 2.0. Our President, Taylor Martin, shared a "Brief History of Money," including a description of the origin of the picayune. He also did a nice four coins and a card, and taught us the "Taylor Twist", his method of moving coins through his hand one at a time.

Jim Croop asked for a dollar bill, but it turned out to be counterfeit and using the Scottie York Counterfeit Bill routine was able to save the owner from embarrassment and jail. However, the owner of the bill clearly imagined it was a dollar and four quarters were produced from the remains of the counterfeit bill which allowed Jim to move on to the Garrett Thomas Imagination Coins routine.

Very long time member, Tom Winterrowd did his version of a half dollar traveling invisibly from one hand to the other which he termed "Very Costly."  With two half dollars in his right hand he tossed one invisibly to his left hand. Unfortunately, he missed, leaving him with only one half dollar. He commented that he had been working on this effect for some time and that every time he misses, it costs him fifty cents!

Finally, it should be noted that newly inducted member, Doug Jave, taught us how to  transition a borrowed bill into a bill divided into four quarters. To top it off, he used the box which formerly had contained his membership pin, and which was presented to him earlier in the evening, as the prop for his magic!