It’s All in the Cards

This month’s theme is a favorite among many in our magic community: Card Magic. Dr. Croop kicked things off by having a spectator, Joe Fuller, pick a card, any card. The card was signed and placed back into the center of the pack. Mysteriously one card was shown to now be red-backed with “Your signature” written on the back of the card. When the card was turned over it was revealed that the red-backed card was Joe’s signed card. Chris Henderson next displayed his finger flicking expertise with a series of fancy shuffles and cuts to locate the four aces five separate times. Chris credited his performance to a series of effects in Tarbell. Don Miller demonstrated the connection between cards and calendars by presenting his very entertaining version of Bob Cassidy’s “Chronologue.” Assembly president Taylor Martin presented a “morality lesson” as to why you should never play cards with a person who shows you card tricks using the “sidewalk shuffle”. Your humble acting scribe stepped outside of his comfort zone and much to the amazement of his fellow compeers performed a card effect. Using only four cards Steve told a tale of M. I. Harry Houdini and how he escaped from a pillar in London while surrounded by three bobbys (Thanks, David Goodsell for your “Jailbreaker” packet trick). As we began, so we ended, with Dr. Croop performing John Bannon’s “51 Fat Chances North,” an open prediction effect.

Later in the month, we welcomed Greg Wilson to our Assembly to show us some amazing "impromptu" magic. Greg left us in stitches has he demonstrated how to relieve selected spectators of all of their valuables with a smile on your face. A good time was had by all.