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Two Reminders from our President


You may have seen Karen's email.  This is a reminder.  Our December combined SAM/IBM  meeting will take place at 7:00 pm on Monday, December 3rd.  The meeting will be held at the Irvington United Methodist Church--not at The Forum as previously announced.  The theme will be Christmas Magic.  Jim Croop will lead us down the "Royal Road to Card Magic" during our teaching session.


Also be sure to read the most recent President's Letter on our website home page.  You will find a report of the recent National Council meeting in Indianapolis as well as some exciting news!

MUM Report for November 2012

MUM Reports - Past

Here is the report submitted to MUM Magazine regarding both our November parlor magic meeting and the special show which we did for the National Executive Council.

The first full week in November was a busy and exciting week for the Harry Riser SAM #31 Assembly.  At the beginning of the week we had our regular SAM #31 Assembly meeting with the theme of parlor magic.  At the end of the week we had the pleasure of hosting SAM's  National Executive Council meeting.


The parlor magic evening began with Barry Rice, otherwise known as The Amazing Barry,  performing a lively and very humorous rendition of Cards Across.  Mike Kohrmann broke out his Kamillion Koins and checked out the moods of several of the volunteers.  George Notarus astounded us all when his five ones became five tens, and then most astounding of all, the five tens became five one hundreds!  He said it was all in the hands. 







Taylor Martin brought his Troublewit and demonstrated some of the designs he is developing.  Taylor also shared his copy of  William Pinchbeck's  The Expositor.  Published in 1805 it is reputed to be the first American book on the art of magic.  Significantly, in relation to the theme of the evening, the book includes a complete parlor act.


Jim Croop produced a half dollar and an English penny and did the Copper-Silver Transposition. Finally, Phil Dubbs demonstrated a clever version of the sliding knot.  The story had to do with difficulty in tying one's shoes.


For the educational portion of the evening, Don Miller taught us two effects--a beautiful version of the torn and restored dollar bill which he has been doing for twenty years.  The other was the 'half and half' from Tarbell Volume Three.


On Saturday six of our Assembly members had the privilege of performing for the National Executive Council.  Our President, Steve Spence, was the master of ceremonies.  The other performers were Daniel Lee, Barry Rice, Don Miller, and Christian and Katalina Painter.  The show included much good magic and many laughs.  



Important Message from our SAM #31 President

Special Events

Greetings Compeers, You are all invited to join in a rare magical event which is coming to Indianapolis, the weekend of November 9-10. The National Council of the Society of American Magicians will be visiting our city. This is our opportunity to shine. The S.A.M. is considering holding the 2016 National Convention in our fair city! Here is the schedule of events for this weekend. I hope that each of you can make it to the Council meeting on Saturday morning in order to show your support. It is also a great opportunity to learn what our National organization is doing and to make your voice heard if you have anything that you would like to share with them. Saturday at 9:00 a.m., National Council meeting in the Texas Rm. at the Downtown Marriott Saturday at 2 p.m., Downtown walking tour beginning at lobby of the Downtown Marriott for the visiting crowd (Christian Painter & I will be leading these but everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend). Saturday at 5 our member show (performers, Don Miller, Barry Rice, Daniel Lee. I'm Emcee) at the Downtown Hilton in Christian & Katalina's space (the exact room will be posted in the lobby of the hotel). Saturday at 8:30 p.m. Christian & Katalina's show (same location). I'll see you there. Magically, Steven A. Spence President, Harry Riser Assembly 31