Start time is 7:00 pm. Lecture fee: $15.00 for I.B.M-S.A.M.-F.C.M.. members, $10.00 for S.Y.M. members, $25.00 for non-members, and $5.00 for spouse. For additional information contact  Jim Croop or call (317) 726-0811 or contact Steve Spence or call (317) 722-0429.

On Wednesday, November 7, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. at Wile Hall, Jon Armstrong  will dazzle and entertain us while at the same time teach  us how to truly amaze our audience. Jon Armstrong is more than just another â??card guyâ??. He was awarded the title of close-up magician of the year at the Magic Castle's recent award banquet in April 2007 (in addition to being one of the Magic Castle's most in demand performers). Last year he was featured on the cover of Genii magazine, and he just inked a deal with L&L publishing to produce a three volume DVD of his material. He is a featured performer at this yearâ??s LVMI close-up convention and competed at FISM. And thatâ??s just in the magic world!

In the corporate environment, Jon is a busy performer and has worked for years for the Fortune 500 elite companies.  He has toured China and works all over the world with nothing but a pack of cards.  Jon 's success results in part from his unique synthesis of performance, effect and character that can make â??tricksâ?? become magic.  Jon will be sharing his guarded techniques for making magic memorable.  Jon will explore topics such as how to learn magic, how to excel in your personal performances and how to create a memorable character which enhances your audience's total experience. Every point will be illustrated with examples from Jon personal performing repertoire.  Not only that, but for the finger flingers, Jon will share many of his original card ideas developed in thousands of performances for companies like Walt Disney and Sea World. These ideas are useable whether you are a full time pro or just do a few tricks for family and friends. Everyone will walk away with a new tool they can use to be a better magician.  Do you want people to think of you when someone mentions magic? Do you want to perform magic that will make them remember what you did in far more amazing ways. For the first time, using routines from his professional repertoire, Jon Armstrong will discuss techniques designed to manipulate an audience's future memory of a magical event in order to maximize the likelihood that they will remember both you and discuss an enhanced version of the experience. And though he is known for card magic, he'll teach a many tricks that you can be done by any magician, regardless of experience, skill level, or area of magical interest.