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November 2015 Activities

Member and Club News Schedule of Meetings

Compeers and Magic Mavens,

Join us on Monday, November 2nd for our IBM/SAM Magic meeting in the Parlor at Irvington UMC at 7:00 PM. We will be screening several episodes of Penn & Teller's Fool Us show, and sharing our thoughts on the outcomes.

See you there, 30 North Audubon Rd, Indianapolis, 46219.

Karen Miller,
Secretary, SAM Assembly 31

Preble County Auction on Facebook!

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The Preble County fall 2 day magic auction will be Oct. 24 and Oct. 25 beginning at 10 am at 210 Nation Ave, Eaton, Ohio (25 miles west of Dayton, Ohio). The auction is filled with magic tricks, illusions, magic antiques and collectibles, stage and lighting equipment, books, dvd's, cd's and much more. 

Their Facebook listing has a link to photos and more information




Magic Lecture by Chris Randall

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IBM Ring 10 and SAM Assembly 31 invite you to a Magic Lecture by Chris Randall.

One of the top sleight of hand artists in the world today, Chris spent his childhood on the back stages of Las Vegas, developing a love of this craft from the masters of Las Vegas entertainment. He has been the house magician of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino and has toured with his magic around the world. He is also the creator of over 50 magic effects which have been published in Magic Magazine, MUM, the Penumbra, and released on the DVDs; Sweet, Live at the Magic Castle, Sugar High, and Magic at the Bar. Chris presents many lectures across the globe and has been featured at the famed Magic Castle . He has also acted as a consultant to top magicians and shows.

Chris Randall will present his Lecture on Monday October 26 starting at 7pm at the Irvington United Methodist Church, 30 Audubon Street.

Admission is $25,  Magicians under 18 years of age $15.

Special Bonus! Attend the Chris Randall lecture on Monday and get a $5 discount on Tuesday at Indy Magic Monthly where he will be performing!

Chris will also offer a Workshop on Wednesday at 7pm at the Irvington United Methodist Church, 30 Audubon Street. Admission $50.

The Workshop is a hands on, in depth training on Bill In lemon, itâ??s history and multiple options.

It also includes a Hummer card workshop with dozens of new and never before seen thread techniques and a complete course in invisible thread.

Please notify Jim Croop if interested in the workshop as attendance is limited (317-726-0811;


The lecture will include:

  • Fly by Night - Chrisâ?? handling of the hummer card. this has been his opener for over 15 years
  • 7 Digits - The greatest trick ever to get a girl's phone number! 
  • Balls from the Mouth - Chris' handling of this classic sponge ball routine now turned into mini illusion 
  • Swoosh - A simple and natural deck switch 
  • Desert Rose - torn and restored napkin rose and napkin rose magic.  
  • Scandal Switch - The ultimate solution for your linking ring routine. Only two rings are used and both are examined. This is the center piece of Chris' IBM winning act. 
  • Heavens Aces - 4 jokers are produced at the finger tips and then instantly change to 4 aces in a very visual way.   
  • The Inception - the history of the Bill in Lemon from Jarrow to Chris. 

Also you will learn the bill switch, Chris' rope routine, and all the elements that make up The Inception. This is worth the price of the lecture. The Inception has been hailed as the real work on bill in lemon.

"This has elements that I could see adopting into my routine and I have done it the same way for 30 years. This is pure gold. My hat is off to you pal. This is the last word on Bill In  Lemon" â?? Doc Eason

"You are buying is the output of years of trial and error â?? a routine that has been tested, ironed out, and works. If you want to add bill-to-lemon to your repertoire, and you seek a no-fuss method, put your dollars here." â?? David Regal

"It's the best I have ever seen" â?? Sean David Bogunia

"The Inception is Chris Randall at his best.  It's a solid working routine from a real working magician." â?? Shawn Farquhar F.I.S.M Grand Prix winner 

"A practical, professional solution that accomplishes the 'dirty work' way-ahead of the killer effect."  â?? R Paul Wilson 

"Chris' version of the classic Bill in Lemon trick is well thought out and extremely practical. If I were to do this effect, this would be the version I highly recommend it" â?? Levent

"All in all, an excellent approach to a timeless classic- and one that will easily be making it's way into the acts of many working pros" â?? Elmwood Magic

"Chris Randall has honed a classic effect to razor-sharp perfection" â?? Magic Magazine 

"Chris Randall has deeply thought about getting maximum impact OUT of a lemon and a bill to create a mind blowing experience" â?? Jon Racherbaumer

"A really good routine from a real worker." "Buy it now"! â?? Bill Malone

"With Inception, Chris has given us one of his "workers". That is, something he's performed literally hundreds of times in the real world. If you're looking to add a strong, complete routine to your set, this is for you. He's done all the hard work, going over every detail. All you have to do is buy it and do it." â?? Chad Long

"Chris Randall's bill in lemon will put you a mile ahead of your audience" â?? Farrell Dillion

"Chris Randall has pushed the signed bill in lemon routine further down the road to perfection" â?? Scott Alexander

"Chris isn't just teaching some tricks, he's sharing a honed act, and a damn good one at that." â?? Justin Willman host of Cupcake Wars