The theme for the month was â??Summer Magicâ??.  What you may say is summer magic?  The answer is:  â??Whatever you want it to be!â??  For Jeff Higgins, summer magic meant dusting off an old classic and performing the Chinese linking rings.  Jay Newby followed with an updated version of Hindu Deck Color Change from Tarbell Volume No. 1.  Starting with a blue deck, coming from a blue box, the spectator picked a random card that turned out to be the only red card in a blue deck.  Jack Wiegel, with the help of two spectators, Jim Croop and Phil Dubbs,  expertly  performed his version of Karl Fulvesâ?? Diabolical Transposition from his book, Charles Jordanâ??s Best Card Tricks.  Next, as a preview of his upcoming performance at the Indy Fringe festival, Barry Rice had two spectators select a card, write their names on the face of their card and put the card back in the deck.  No matter how hard he tried and no matter where he looked-in his left pocket, his right pocket, and  in a place on his person involving a zipper-Barry could only find Taylorâ??s card.  Finally, Steve discovered that Taylorâ??s card which was in his hand had magically transformed into his very own signed card.  Your humble correspondent broke the string of card magic by performing what he called â??The Uncommon Manâ??s Escapeâ?? (really his version of Lossanderâ??s â??Chain Breaker  Thumb Tieâ??).  Our President Taylor Martin concluded our mid-summer eveningâ??s magic  with his unique Bullet, Block and Ribbon effect. Taylor recounted the tale of how this effect was used as a test to determine whether an individual was worthy of becoming a member of the magicianâ??s guild of London a long long time ago.   After threading the ribbon through the wooden block and wooden bullet the candidate was required to remove the bullet from the block without removing the ribbon.  Few could pass the test but Taylor proved to us that he is worthy to join said illustrious group (if they ever need a new member).  The evening concluded with our teach-in led by President Taylor showing us how to successfully pull a solid coin through a silk.  This classic chestnut can be found in Tarbell, Bobo, or Mark Wilsonâ??s course on magic.  A summer night well spent.


Submitted by Steve Spence, Scribe