The Harry Riser SAM #31 August 2011 Meeting Report The theme was sponge balls.  The evening was fun with much creativity on display.  Our Master of Ceremonies was Jim Croop.  As usual, he did a superb job, not only in leading the discussion and introducing the performers, but also leading off with Daryl's Papa Hits the Big Time sponge routine.  First he produced a rabbit from his hands at the audience's request. And then to show it was possible, he produced a bird. A rabbit in one hand.  A bird in the other.  They magically traded places.  But was it magic? No just an illusion as sponges could be either a rabbit or a bird. He introduced the 2 rabbits as the lady and the gentleman rabbit.  They mysteriously jumped from one hand to the other both in Jim's hands and an audience member's hand.  Ultimately, the lady and gentleman rabbit ended up together in the spectator's hands.  What happened next cannot be described in a family magazine.  Suffice it to say that the result was multiple little rabbits. Then Taylor Martin did a beautiful job with Al Goshman's "And Then There Were Four."   He followed up with multiple surprises as shapes changed, colors changed, and a cube became a dog.  He credited Hank Lee for that one.  As a finale, Taylor performed his Gloved Sponge Ball routine which he has been developing over the years.  We all were amazed. Taylor interspersed his magic with very helpful teaching tidbits, such as "make your sponges a little moist.  They will look and perform better."  He also demonstrated the preparation and use of the sanada gimmick. Chris Henderson closed the evening performance with a surprising and funny effect.  The two of clubs was randomly selected and returned to the deck.    After a shuffle and a few cuts, Chris then announced that he would find the card which was unknown to him.  With a flourish he produced the four of clubs. Close, but two pips too many.  Bummer!  He got out his instructions and looked them over. With a thump to the card, two sponge clubs fell out from the card!  Lo and behold, he really did end up with the selected two of clubs.