Nathan Kranzo has just notified us that he could do a workshop next week in Indianapolis on either Monday March 24 of Wednesday March 26.

The cost is $45 but here is what you get.

$45.00 includes:

  • Old School Kranzo Lecture DVD
  • Grumble Glim DVD with glim and gimmick

Bonus download bundle

  • Royal Oak Lecture notes
  • Comedy for Magicians and Mentalists - Volumes 1 and 2
  • Rice Crispy Coin (change a dollar into four quarters and back)
  • Bill Plots (bill switch booklet)
  • Age of Travel (solutions to Dai Vernon's Travelers plot with cards and then borrowed objects and food)

Over $200 worth of magic!

Please email Jim Croop by Friday (tomorrow) if you would attend the workshop and which days you would be available. Probably start at 7pm.

We know this is very short notice. If there are 5 who are interested I will confirm and get more details including location.

Jim Croop